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Bear making to xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
My BIG Magazine Feature only days away :0)
Mannequin Competition results.
Mannequin Competition.


Busy busy on this cold March morning x
My Truly Scrumptious Bears xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
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Bear making to xxx

Very busy with my bear's these day's as well as my miniature creations. Infact decided to have a page dedicated to my bears which are not miniature but every bit as beautiful xxxx

Next Magazine Feature just sent in.

Well just sent the next gown project to Lucie at The Doll's House and Miniature Scene. "Lilac Whisper " Prom gown. Hope you all love trying to create it and there will be another competition to win the original gown just as there was for "Butterfly Kisses" Apparentlymy gowns are going to be regular features in their magazine from now on which is so exciting for me. So I need to design another Summer gown and an Autumn Gown so I would love your ideas on what you would like to see.I am snowed under with orders now and there is approx 3 weeks waiting time for my creations. I am very excited to now have Mens shop collections for Sale. I feel there isn't enough out there for men's shops so I am filling that gap and hope you love them. What would be nice is for you my followers to tell me what creations you would love to see on my website. That way I get it right :0)

My BIG Magazine Feature only days away :0)

Hi My Mini Loving Friends,
Well only 3 more days before my BIG feature is sat on W.H.Smith shelves. FAME WOW I am SO EXCITED I can hardly put it into words. I will be attaching it to my blog so do watch this space. SPANISH EYES still available on my website has the front cover spot !!! So FAMOUS gown wanting a new home xxx
Mini Huggles as always,
Cher xxxx

Mannequin Competition results.

Hi my mini friends.
 The magazine results were issued and I didn't get placed BUT my entry was chosen as one of 6 photo's to be published which was such a lovely suprise xxx
All entries had the option to be returned to creator or sent onto a lady who in turn took them to a London Dolls House fair where they were all sold and the money donated to Cancer research which was the option I chose and recieved a wonderful hand written letter from the lady who sold my "CANY FLOSS" and to date almost £4,000.

Mannequin Competition.

Decided to enter the dress a Mannequin competition in the dolls house magazine and just trying to decide on either petal dress or Marabou dress. So will make one of each and decide then. Going to really enjoy this challenge xxx

Featuring in the Dolls House and Miniature Scene.

Very busy preparing for a large feature in The Dolls House and miniature Scene. Lucie wants to do at least a 2 page feature of my creations. Just getting the photo's right is proving trying but slowly getting there.
 Just had to leave of it though as been staying in Yorkshire with my lovely daughter and her fiance as she has just given birth to her first child a BEAUTIFUL son our 1st Grandchild and I was there to see the little button born into this world. Truely a miracle from God.

Spring Hat collection.

Well a large trade order just completed.
And the weather has changed to cold and quite chilly which is ideal for miniature making. I have just purchased some spring theme and coloured ribbons which are being incorporated into hat collections. I will be listing them very soon.

A busy day creating.

Good morning to you all my valued visitors :0)
 Its a dull cold March morning, not at all for going out in but perfect for mini making. Nothing more nicer than being inside warm and snuggly surrounded with silks laces feathers and pastel paints. I am very busy now concentrating on getting my creations finished and listed on my web site. The first time I have been able to truely concentrate on it since I started it up a few weeks ago. I would love to hear from you with any ideas of what your heart desires for your dolls house and maybe I could create it and list it on my web site.
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