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Bear making to xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
My BIG Magazine Feature only days away :0)
Mannequin Competition results.
Mannequin Competition.


Busy busy on this cold March morning x
My Truly Scrumptious Bears xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
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Busy busy on this cold March morning x

Spring Hat collection.

Well a large trade order just completed.
And the weather has changed to cold and quite chilly which is ideal for miniature making. I have just purchased some spring theme and coloured ribbons which are being incorporated into hat collections. I will be listing them very soon.

A busy day creating.

Good morning to you all my valued visitors :0)
 Its a dull cold March morning, not at all for going out in but perfect for mini making. Nothing more nicer than being inside warm and snuggly surrounded with silks laces feathers and pastel paints. I am very busy now concentrating on getting my creations finished and listed on my web site. The first time I have been able to truely concentrate on it since I started it up a few weeks ago. I would love to hear from you with any ideas of what your heart desires for your dolls house and maybe I could create it and list it on my web site.
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