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Bear making to xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
My BIG Magazine Feature only days away :0)
Mannequin Competition results.
Mannequin Competition.


Busy busy on this cold March morning x
My Truly Scrumptious Bears xxx
Next Magazine Feature just sent in.
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Next Magazine Feature just sent in.

Next Magazine Feature just sent in.

Well just sent the next gown project to Lucie at The Doll's House and Miniature Scene. "Lilac Whisper " Prom gown. Hope you all love trying to create it and there will be another competition to win the original gown just as there was for "Butterfly Kisses" Apparentlymy gowns are going to be regular features in their magazine from now on which is so exciting for me. So I need to design another Summer gown and an Autumn Gown so I would love your ideas on what you would like to see.I am snowed under with orders now and there is approx 3 weeks waiting time for my creations. I am very excited to now have Mens shop collections for Sale. I feel there isn't enough out there for men's shops so I am filling that gap and hope you love them. What would be nice is for you my followers to tell me what creations you would love to see on my website. That way I get it right :0)
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